A Cover For Pi

Pi is a special work in progress for me. (Well, any author will tell you that all their works are special, but you know what I mean.)

Pi was originally an Artificial Intelligence accompanying my character Setta in a roleplay with friends a few years back. I got ridiculously attached to the characters and their relationship, and I’ve been dying to turn it into a story ever since. But the RP was based on the internet show Red vs Blue, and it took some work to separate it enough from the franchise that it wasn’t just fanfiction.

(For example, Setta’s name was originally “Agent Massachusetts” to follow the Freelancer trend of state names.)

I’d written a long dialogue story, then shaved it down in order to work for a Wattpad contest. Neither did particularly well (dialogue stories are an acquired taste,) so Pi was mostly left untouched.

In any case, Pi is now officially a WIP! Grumpy-wump Setta and cray-cray AI are now ready for brand new antics, along with their poor fellow agents that get dragged into alien deals and para-military conspiracies.

And to celebrate, I have this fantastic cover from Wordspark!


I’m absolutely floored. Setta looks freaking amazing (and the reddish-brown hair color is just right!), and I really love the computer-chip design flowing in the background. I cannot thank Wordspark enough. Heaven knows the poor thing struggled making a scifi cover when she’s only worked with fantasy before.

*happy author noises*


Keep writing, y’all!



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