Editing the Beast

While Beast is the title of my book, the title of this blog post is an eerily accurate pun. The first thought I had when glancing over my finally finished beloved (!!!) was uttered in the form of these words.

Who wrote this load of garbage.

Turns out that I did, and as such, it’s my job to turn that garbage into something a little less rotten.


The Big Issues

Beast was originally a 27k novella of two parts, cleverly called Books I and II. In my second draft, I added a third part, which is now Book II and the old Book II is now Book III. This poses several issues.

First of all, the second part feels shoehorned in, mostly because it is. Second, there are several details that I added to the book that are in Part II, but not Part I and III.

Another issue is that my new Part II has even worse pacing issues than the book did before. There are several chapters that need to be split up and then expanded. It only has 8 chapters, to the other parts 12 and 13, and an awful lot happens in Part II very quickly.

Overall, Beast has big problems with two main things: pacing and setting. The settings are clear in my mind, but I’ve provided almost no description in the book of places or even characters. Pacing is already a weakness of mine, and Beast needs to have an awful lot of it straightened out. You will probably hear ranting about this in the future.


The Hopeful Solutions

Or, since it is May the Fourth Be With You…


A New Hope

Most of the editing process will be expansion. Beast is still a teensy 35k, which is still five thousand words away from being the smallest of novels. Most of the bulking up will come from slowing down the pace and adding the much-needed description, as well as breaking down some of the more jam-packed chapters.

There’s also a lot of work that needs to be put into continuity. Specifically, Queen Snow. She was a surprise character (why do they do this to me) and now I have to accomodate her a book earlier than planned. Even in my second plan, Snow showed up as an afterthought in Part II. But now the relationship needs to be slowed considerably and shown more gradually. My worry here is that Adalina’s relationship with the Assassin will feel rushed by comparison.

Which reminds me, Belle’s name has been changed to Adalina. You’re welcome for the head’s up.

It’s going to take many more drafts, and I already dread the work, but I’m glad to finally be done with Draft 1.5 of Beast.


What are your recent writing accomplishments? Reading accomplishments? Completely unrelated comment? I welcome them all below!