I am a native English speaker from the United States who has lived in five different states and Spangdahlem, Germany. I’m just a geeky dual-enrolled high school student hoping to gain experience before hitting “the real world.” I’m a learning author who enjoys writing as much as I love reading, and loves reading almost as much as I love wasting time on Tumblr.

I’m a nerd of various fandoms, an archer, and Third Culture Kid. My favorite genres are fantasy, scifi, and historical fiction. I have a secret adoration of dialogue stories and will listen to anything from Phantom of the Opera to bluegrass to Twenty One Pilots. I’m working towards becoming a freelance writer.

I am efficient and accurate with proofreading and revising documents, and will work with both creativity and professionalism to help your customers connect with your content. I’m also perfectly happy to learn on the job if I’m unfamiliar with your product or subject matter.

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