Bragging (aka Why You Should Hire Me): I have proofread and edited various nonfiction essays and revised many works of fiction to prevent contradiction and improve world-building and characterization in the past three years, as well as written my own essays and blog posts. Two of my articles have been featured on–one of them sparking a controversial debate about antiheroes and villains–and I have had a work of fiction selected to be published in an anthology that will be sent to public schools across America. While not yet in college, I scored a 36 in English on my ACT and am in the 93rd percentile for ELA in America.

Editing: I will both proofread and revise any work, both fiction and non-fiction. I have experience with essays, articles, short stories and poetry, but limited work with screenplays.

Ghost writing: I will ghost write any work, with the same strengths and limitations as above.

Copywriting: If I’m not familiar with your brand or services, I’m quick to learn and eager to get behind new projects.

Expertise: I’m most familiar with subjects concerning literature, Christian theology and apologetics,