Stepping Into the World of Freelance

Stepping Into the World of Freelance

Project Freelancer. Those words jerk me back to the days of roleplaying with friends, when they were obsessed with the internet show “Red vs Blue.” But while those Freelancers were from the world of Halo and sent off as mercs for hire, I’ll be doing something a little more legal. Specifically, freelance writing.

It should have occurred to me much sooner, really. I enjoy both the creative and the technical parts of writing, and my friends (and total strangers) have been asking me to help them with writing many times before. From simple revision and proofing to practically ghost writing and collabs, I’ve always been doing the same thing.

If you’re good at something, never do it for free.  -The Joker

While that quote was taken from one of the most heinous villains to grace comic books, it seems pretty solid. So after stumbling across this conclusion, I joined Upwork.

Upwork seems to get mixed reviews. “Real” freelancers seem to dislike it, but they have no qualms concerning age, and it looks like a good springboard for someone with limited billable experience. It may not be perfect for everyone, but it seems like a good fit for me.

I spent this weekend setting up a profile, as well as linking it up to a shiny new email, Twitter and matching profile pics all across. (I’m going to be just as bad at Twitter as I am at Facebook, I assure you.)

Am I all dressed up with no place to go? I certainly hope not. As quickly as I got around to doing this, I hope it sticks around much longer. The freedom it could give me financially would be a real blessing, especially as I near the “getting kicked out of the house” age.

And if it does flop, at least I now have consistent profile pictures.